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Advanced Rust Programming

Elevate your Rust programming skills to an advanced level with this comprehensive, instructor-led course. Designed for intermediate to advanced developers, the course dives into intricate topics like advanced ownership, asynchronous programming, and performance optimization.

Rust Programming

Gain mastery over Rust, a systems programming language that focuses on safety, speed, and concurrency. This intensive, instructor-led course equips you with the skills to build robust, fault-free applications and components in Rust. Suitable for developers with programming experience.

Advanced Flutter for iOS and Android

Master the intricacies of Flutter, Google's cross-platform UI framework, in this advanced course. Ideal for experienced developers, the course dives deep into Flutter's capabilities for both iOS and Android, and how to integrate with Firebase for backend solutions.

Native iOS and Android Apps with Flutter

Transform your mobile development experience with Flutter, Google's UI toolkit for crafting beautiful native apps for iOS and Android. Ideal for developers and UX prototypers, this course covers installation, key concepts, and hands-on app development using Dart language.

Comprehensive CMake

Delve into the world of CMake with this comprehensive course. From an introduction to advanced techniques, participants will grasp project setup, cross-platform configuration, pipeline customizations, advanced integrations, and even the seamless incorporation of Conan. Featuring hands-on examples and expert-led workshops, this course ensures proficiency in modern CMake practices, ensuring efficient and optimal project management.

ServiceNow Administration

Dive into ServiceNow Administration and master the essentials of digital workflow implementation in enterprise environments. Targeted at system administrators with a grasp of ITIL principles, this course covers basic configurations, customizations, and administrative functions in ServiceNow.

Automation Testing with Cypress

Get a hands-on, comprehensive introduction to Cypress, the cutting-edge framework for end-to-end testing. Designed for software testers with basic testing knowledge, this course enables you to perform web application tests more efficiently, making Cypress a viable Selenium alternative.

Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

Elevate your Microsoft Azure design skills with this comprehensive course aimed at developers with prior programming experience. Learn to identify trade-offs and make informed decisions for public and hybrid cloud solutions, focusing on Azure's features and capabilities.

C++, QT, ZeroMQ and Protocol Buffers

This comprehensive course equips software developers with essential skills in C++ programming, QT for GUI development, and communication technologies like ZeroMQ and Protocol Buffers. Gain the expertise to create, compile, and debug distributed applications on Linux Centos 6/7.

Introduction to Azure

Get a solid grounding in Microsoft Azure with this introductory course tailored for developers, IT professionals, engineers, and business managers. Learn the core concepts, services, and practical applications of Azure through hands-on training.

Azure Cloud Security

Fortify your cloud infrastructure with our Azure Cloud Security training course. Aimed at security administrators, this course provides hands-on learning on implementing and monitoring security measures across Azure workloads.

MLOps for Azure Machine Learning

Empower your machine learning endeavors with MLOps practices using Azure Machine Learning. This hands-on, instructor-led training is aimed at data scientists and focuses on automating ML workflows, model management, and operational excellence.

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment

Unlock the potential of Microsoft Azure with our comprehensive training course. Tailored for server administrators, IT professionals, and engineers, this course covers the basics to the intricacies of Azure Infrastructure and Application Deployment.

Kubeflow on Azure

Master the art of deploying Machine Learning workloads on Azure using Kubeflow. This instructor-led course offers hands-on experience, enabling you to leverage Kubernetes and TensorFlow for streamlined ML model deployment and management.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) with Python

Enhance your software development workflow with our CI/CD with Python training. This course is aimed at developers and DevOps engineers who are eager to build and automate pipelines using CI/CD practices within the Python ecosystem.

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