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Who are we?

Our history

Founded in 2013 under the brand of Orb Team, the company began as a humble training initiative in California, USA, and rapidly expanded to a global scale. Within just two years, we opened new branched across the US and have been expanding internationally since 2021.

Recognizing the growing demand for advanced technological skills and self-development programs, we evolved scaled our operations and evolved.
This growth allowed us to welcome passionate educators and tech enthusiasts into the Orb Team family. Today, we expanding into the EU with our local team under the new brand of 'Orb Experts'.

With a strong start, we stand as a global leader in training and consultancy, having trained over 20,000 individuals from more than 500 companies over every single continent.

Our mission

At Orb Experts, our mission is to deliver comprehensive training and consultancy solutions worldwide, in a manner that is both effective and accessible.

We are committed to providing practical, real-world knowledge, underpinned by a thorough understanding of theoretical frameworks.

Our expert trainers utilize the latest knowledge transfer techniques, creating a blend of presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on learning.

We constantly evolve our course catalog, offering over 1000 training outlines in more than 90 technologies.
Our focus is not just on following technological trends but anticipating and leading changes, delivering skills and certifications with tangible impact.

Our philosophy

Orb Experts is driven by the philosophy of optimizing the training experience for all – participants, trainers, and coordinators.

We strive to make the process of upskilling both affordable and scalable, without compromising on sustainability.

Our approach involves removing the hassles typically associated with training – aligning participant expectations, minimizing administrative burdens for trainers, and optimizing processes for coordinators.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies and efficient management techniques, our platform ensures swift, cost-effective, and high-quality training delivery.
At Orb Experts, we are dedicated to making the training experience as effective, efficient, and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.

Our proven process


Intro call

Contact us through our contact form, email, or book a call.

Consulting & preparation

We create a personalized offer that aligns with your goals and budget and prepare the training for smooth execution,

Execution & feedback

Armed with a customized training program and an expert trainer by your side, you'll go through a comprehensive training experience. Afterwards we engage with you in a candid feedback session and offer follow-up consultations.

What makes us different?

Our leadership in technology training is defined by our global reach, vast experience, and a diverse array of course formats, ensuring tailored and effective learning for every client.

Globally Connected, Locally Present

Orb Experts (Orb Team), established in 2013, boasts a worldwide network of branches, offering the flexibility to deliver training anywhere globally. Our optimized processes and the adaptability of our instructors mean we can provide top-notch training in diverse regions, maintaining a strong local presence while leveraging our global insights.

Innovation and Customization

As a forward-thinking organization, Orb Experts stays ahead of technological trends, pioneering training in emerging technologies. We excel in creating bespoke training solutions tailored precisely to our clients' unique requirements, setting us apart in the market.

Practitioner-Led Learning

Our instructors are not just academically knowledgeable; they're active practitioners in their fields. This practical experience enriches their teaching, blending theoretical knowledge with real-world application. This approach ensures that our training is not only informative but also highly applicable and effective.

Commitment to Quality Assurance

Orb Experts places a high emphasis on the quality of our training. Each course participant receives a pre-course questionnaire, allowing trainers to tailor content to the group's experience levels and focus areas. Moreover, a dedicated Training Coordinator oversees every course, ensuring each training session upholds our high standards and delivers an exceptional learning experience.

Strategic Partnerships & Tailored Courses

We collaborate with key organizations and certification bodies, ensuring our training is aligned with high-value, recognized standards. Our course catalog is vast, but our specialty lies in crafting customized training programs, from brief courses to extensive reskilling initiatives. We work closely with clients to develop curriculums that meet their exact needs, providing a unique and tailored learning experience.
Hear from our customer
Great Service! It feels like their not focusing on sales but on actually solving the problem! Trainer was well chosen and the team of Orb experts really made the whole process as easy and efficient as possible.
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Dennis B.
We had several trainings booked with OrbExperts in 2023 and planning for more in 2024, the experience has been smooth and efficient. The trainings were designed exactly to what our team needed and delivered good results!
Project PngProject  Icon
Alicia Ziv Peker
I had excellent experience with them. Very professional approach and the team were very kind, the offer was personalised which is always a nice feeling. After booking, the course was set-up in no time!
Project PngProject  Icon
Pavel Ruban
Project PngProject  Icon
We recently wrapped up a session with OrbExperts and it was better that our previous experience with similar companies. The booking process was to the point, the teachers knew their stuff and had a knack for making complex ideas easy to grasp.
Pelin Kizilay

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Join our expanding network of satisfied clients who have chosen Orb Experts for their training and development needs. As a front-runner in the training sector, we are recognized for providing superior, customized training solutions that cater to a diverse range of professional requirements.

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